Your magical solutions to crop yields

Our company is a modern agriculture enterprise specializing in the production of Natural Aminophenol (Amino acid) CHELATED fertilizers. Our passion is in providing the best products possible through high standards in quality control and continuing research and development. Fertipower started its activity in 2001 with a research team based in Norway and Hong Kong.

We have since developed a good portfolio of products as well as a great reputation and we are growing in a fast pace. Our research team includes some of the best talents in the field of biochemistry, soil fertilizer, and crop growth. Our company also continues to work with domestic and overseas science institutions in developing better solutions to Aminophenol CHELATED series fertilizers as well as organic and organic-inorganic fertilizer of aminophenol series.

Our annual production capacity is five hundred thousand tons. Products include all around fertilizers and specialty fertilizers for various plants and crops. We also supply OEM-fertilizer upon request. Our products contain NO harmful growth-stimulants and NO hormones. They are natural, pollution free, and green. While our products ensure high quality, high crop yields and high effectiveness of the agri-products, they also improve fertility of farmlands.



  1. Promote and develop modern agricultural practices.
  2. Promote and offer NATURAL fertilizer products.
  3. Develop innovative agricultural products to increase crop yields and agricultural effectiveness.
  4. Use our expertise for a greener world.
  5. Provide a better future and choice for farmers and farm users.


Research and development

Fertipower has grown through a combination of scientific research and commercial daring that revolutionize modern agriculture. Fertipower’s goal of becoming the "Industry Leader" when it comes to developing Natural Aminophenol (Amino acid) CHELATED fertilizers means the company needs to be at the forefront in developing new products and technology.