Amino Micro Granule

Aminophenol Chelated Micro-Nutrients Granular Fertilizer

Amino Micro Granule/Amino Micro G is a new product specifically developed to be organic in nature, use to improve soil damage and acidic or alkaline extremes due to the over-use of chemical fertilizer. This product contains organic matter content of over 30%, with NPK content of 4-6%. It also contain with organic activated matters of humic acid and amino acid

This fertilizer can effectively enhance numbers of micro-organisms in soil, and thus increase the soil fertility. Furthermore, it can activate organic elements by 20 times. These organic matters create chemical reactions with the chemical residues (from chemical compound fertilizer use) in soil and make these elements "activated" again. Therefore, applying this fertilizer gives benefits of activiting soil organic ability, degrading the damage of chemical fertilizer, and refreshing soil fertility.


Quality of crops will be improved obviously after application, where crops increase its resistence of diseases and pests, the crop quality, fruit tastes of fruit plantation. This works particularly well in water-melon, grapes, strawberry, vegetables, tea leaves, peanuts, lotus root, water based crops and flowers. Further, it works well in paddy, wheat, and cotton etc commercial crops.


1. Soil Feed

This product is applied for basal use (and it could be used as seeding-base fertilizer). Apply 500KG - 1200KG per hectare.

Best Use On:  
Paddy/wheat Field Potato
Sugarcane Soybean
Corn/Maize Field Cotton
Fruit based crops Peanuts
Vegetables Tobacco Field
Crop Growth Stem based crops
Palm Tree Flower based crops
Organic Nutrients 30%
NPK 4-6%
Secondary and Micro Nutrients >2%
Form Granule
Color Dark Grey