AminoMicro Power

AminoAcid Chelated Micro Nutrients

Amino Micro Power is our company's signature product. It is engineered to cover a wide range of elements while sustaining quality and efficiency. It is manufactured through advanced processes of hydrolyzation, concentration, and importantly a CHELATION process to chelate amino acid with secondary and microelements.

It is highly effective, natural, and completely soluble in water for fast absorption. They are the ideal fertilizer to give high yields for balancing nutrients in the farmland, improving fertility of farmland, preventing and curing crop disease and improving agri-product qualities.


Quality of crops will show obvious improvements after application, where vegetables and fruits show bright color, good shape, and good taste; rice has full grain filling and looks blare; oily crop has full grains and high oil content; cotton has higher weaving rate and longer fibres; tobacco has better smell and stronger scent, clove has more dense fragrance....etc.


1. Foliar Feed

Apply 2g on 1 litre water dilution while 2.5-3.0g be applied for forest plants such as tea, fruit tree, clove and palm etc. (i.e. a 18-litre spray tank will consume 36-40g of product. 1 Hectare approx. consume 300-400g) It can be used during the whole growth period of crop with better results if use during the vigorous period of the growth.

2. Soil Feedz

Apply 7.5-15Kg per hectare at soil or land lack of nutrients heavily, and the dosage can be increased to 20Kg, dilute 500 times with water and apply.

Please note during use:

1. The product series can be mixed with pesticide, but not suitable for mixing with alkaline pesticide;

2. The product is in powder form, which is easily damped. Put product in dry place, while effect remains unchanged even they become agglomeration. Use of fertilizer without raining weather condition within six hours.

Best Use On:  
Paddy/wheat Field Tea Field
Sugarcane Potato
Corn/Maize Field Soybean
Fruit based crops Cotton
Vegetables Peanuts
Prawn Feed Tobacco Field
Crop Growth Stem based crops
Palm Tree Flower based crops
Amino Acid 20%
Secondary Nutrients Ca > 1% Mg >1%
Micro Nutrients Zn+Fe+Mn+B+Cu > 6%
Form Powder
Color Beige


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